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Light. Striking. Dancing. Speaking.

My hope is inspiration.


Somebody in Kansas loves me

Vantage point

As we were just about to take off towards Kansas City a random rain storm hit O'Hare and we were slightly delayed and it was such a God given blessing because just as I landed Chelsy pulled up to the air port. This just goes to show how awesome God is.


There was just a feeling of warmth and love as we sat and enjoyed some Turkish food and reminiscing about our adventures in the country we feel in love with.

The whole time I was out in Kansas I felt so filled with joy and God from the beautiful landscapes to the laughter and love.





35 mm Pony 135 C


Home sweet home







Build up. Pent up. Challenged.

holi. Bring color to a rain filled day.

Two parts true. One part heart.

Dance. Or not. Ehh who cares. Lets dance.

Daniel Martin Moore

Aastik was a senior when I was just getting started with college life. We had crossed paths a couple of times but I don't have any heart warming stories to tell. However, today I was greatly honored to hear not only stories but also the impact he had on so many lives with his heart, smile and quirkiness. With his death one can see what it means to have an impact in others lives and to live humbly. So thank you Aastik for impacting my life through the life you lived.

Something new in this rustic space.


Clean Spring

Social mutations

Home is where the heart is, so they say.

One small step in the right direction and one giant leap for human kind.

you got this.

Family. Being so far away teaches me how much I love them.


restless sleep leads to strange dreams about bears, theater and a happy ending.

My sis actually let me cut her hair. Now for anyone who knows her well this was a big deal. I feel so so honored that she not only let me cut her hair but that she liked it too.

Taking advantage of the study time with my brother as he was finishing up work before his break.

I had a daddy daughter lunch at the local deli in my home town just before I took off again. My dad is one amazing guy who through his faith and just being a dad pushes me to do and be my best.

Each evening the setting sun has a way of bringing this sheer piece of cloth to life and spill forth soothingly into the room. It stops me in my tracks as I stand in awe.

Some day I hope to conquer the psychology world with my brother and my sister.

Food for thought.

Just dance your way into a book for a moment and let it take you to a whole new world.

I was spoiled with a long visit from this handsome young thing who was such a great support while I was studying for exams. He even did a scavenger hunt for me in the library while he waited for me to finish up with Bio lab. This photo was taken after he and I watched a performance of RENT together.

The photo that only remains clear in my mind and not on my camera and thus on here is of my grandma Donna. Last night her and I laughed, cried and chatted for hours about how awesome God is to making jokes about her hair. The photo I didn’t take was of a strong and God filled woman who’s silly pug sat sprawled out on one end of the couch while she sat at the other with one simple lamp casting a glow upon her face and matching purple outfit with a matching hat. Some day I will capture the beauty she pours forth. As I gave her hugs before heading out for the evening I left with a pile of goodies from my late great grandpa and filled up with love, joy and God along with a smile that keeps on warming my soul.

This week taught me once again how much I really love my family and how they know how to fill me up with laughter, joy, wisdom and most importantly God like love.